“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan”
– Eleanor Roosevelt


Discovery Meeting

This first part of the wealth planning process allows us to outline your objectives, concerns and what matters to you most. The key to this meeting is listening to you. The information gathered here allows us to prepare a preliminary data validation report which is used to confirm that the information being used for the plan is accurate. Once confirmed, our team begins working on the wealth planning.

Develop a tailored strategy

Having gathered all the necessary information, our team will build a tailored wealth and estate plan along with a robust and tax-efficient investment portfolio. These plans are presented in a multi-meeting process that allows for detailed discussion and complete understanding of the impacts of our recommendations.


Implementation of your personalized plan

Once we have validated the plan, we will work with our professionals and our client’s professionals to implement our action plan. The main goal is to have everyone on the same page, from the accountant to the notary, spearheaded by our team.


Monitor and Update

One of the most important parts of the process is the continual monitoring and updating of the plan. During our regular meeting process, we proactively plan for the future so that any material change will be reflected in the plan and action is taken as necessary. This will ensure that we still arrive at our destination as expected.